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Exporter of Records (EOR) solution 


Built with you in mind

Any non-EU company trying to export goods lately out of the EU is having troubles in successfully and autonomously take their goods from the EU market to non-EU territories. Reasons are : 

  • Indirect customs representation would be required and very few customs declarants allow it for liability reasons; 

  • And when they, one may find it very expensive. 

What must you know when exporting goods into the EU ?

Customs classification, valuation and origin are the pillars of your customs operations. EU customs audits happen quite often and require you to master these regulated three notions.

Some goods are also subject to restrictions or permits. Invoices accompanying the goods must bear all the EU required information.

Why would you need an EOR?

Any mistakes or omissions would expose you to some penalties or confiscation leading to delayed or cancelled deliveries with bad customers experience.

As a non-EU company, you will need to appoint an EU-based company, knowledgeable about customs regulation, able to manage customs restrictions potentially applying to your goods... In the absence of indirect customs representation appointing an EU based importer for your account is the only way for your non-EU company to export products into the EU. 


Indirect customs representation in the EU

What does FISCALEAD offers? 

Our EOR services

  • Online onboarding

    Your onboarding with us is fully online! Fast and secured. 

  • Digitalized solution

    Once your services are activated, you provide us with your import request on an online platform, very user friendly

  • Pre-check of your Exports

    You provide us with required imports documents and we make sure you got all that is required

  • Customs declarant liaison

    We liaise with your customs broker (direct representative) and confirm the import request can be done in th ename of our EU based company, but for the account of your non-EU company! 

  • VAT alignment

    You keep all your import VAT rights and obligation (recovery is yours and enabled by our documentary set-up, and declaration to authorities remain your duty!)

We also assist for your imports into the EU! 

If your non-EU company is interested in our services of exporter of records, check out the Importer of Records ones as well! Indeed, in case of return of goods, you may still need us ;-)