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VAT, Customs, Excise

Choose a firm able to assist you on all topics of Indirect Taxation

Built with you in mind

In everything that we do, as soon as automation is permitted, automation is implemented! This reduces the risk of error, the time of effort and therefore the cost! 

Quick setup

Once you have filled in an online specific questionnaire, we revert to you with our fee quote. Upon your agreement, your contract will be signed online! 

Easy to use

We put at your disposal an online platform for you to drag and drop documents for our analysis and reporting, whether for Customs, or Excise or VAT metters. 


Expertize does not necessarily means "niche". We will adapt to your needs and our teams are equipped to handle specific activities AND pretty generic ones. 

A suite of tools at your disposal

All most client friendly indirect tax services and platform, with the best experts behind the screen

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A unique service of Importer of Record dedicated to non-EU companies who want to bring their products onto the E.U. market!  Especially if you struggle to find an indirect customs representative : click here below! 

VAT: VATPLACE solution for Amazon FBA and other marketplaces

When using Amazon FBA / Pan-European services, an online merchant needs to be VAT registered in various EU stock countries of Amazon. VAT service fees therefore need to be optimized and customer service flexible. 

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EXCISE: Energy Taxes

Your company consumes fuel, gas or power in order to produce. Whether you are an industrial plant, an agri-land or a bakery you should be eligible to some energy taxes refund if you meet the conditions. 

VAT: IOSS/OSS services

You have your own boutique online and ship goods to your B2C customers in the E.U. Whether you ship from a non-EU country (IOSS) or from a European country (OSS) the nature of your obligations may differ. 


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