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Excise Duty 

All you need on this niche expertise : compliance, advisory of both? 

Excise duties apply in the E.U. on specific categories of products only

Just check the one that corresponds to your activity

Excise duties on ALCOHOL

E-commerce of wine, beers, spirits : You produce, sell and / use alcohol or alcoholic product in your activity? You have clients of storage locations in the E.U. ? FISCALEAD will for sure have interesting informations and services for you!  

Excise duties on OIL PRODUCTS

You bring oil products under excise duty suspension or want to make sure you can maintain the suspensive regime as much as you are entitled to? FISCALEAD has an excise status and can assist!                          

Excise duties on ELECTRICITY & GAS

You consume electricity and or gas and want to find out if you are entitled to a refund or exemption? FISCALEAD will determine your rights for refund and make sure you buy your gas / electricity on the most rationalized rates!

"I am setting up a very innovative business model of sale of alcohol online, associated with NFT technologies. FISCALEAD has been really helpful in the impementation of our excise management process."
Forbes listed business owner

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